Train with Tay

Follow along with my elite 400m sprinter training!
This will be the exact plan that I will be following leading up to 2022 Indoor and Outdoor World Championships.

The program begins August 2nd, 2021, but you can hop in at any time!

The plan will include various warm ups that I do, pre season conditioning, speed endurance training, weightlifting work outs and more!

By joining this program you will gain access to my Trainerize app where you can see all the workouts and also join in on the community chat. Chat with fellow runners to keep each other accountable and motivated.

This program is not going to be customized for each person, it is going to be a replica what I am actively doing for training.  

By joining with the Train with Tay program, you may reach new levels of performance on track. Even if you don't compete anymore, this program is a great way to challenge you to build you into the best shape you've been in in a long time!  

What to expect:

- Improvements in aerobic capacity

- Strength Gains

- Anaerobic and lactate threshold increase

- Improved technique and running form

- A sense of community

I have trained with Sydney McLaughlin, as well as her brother Taylor under Coach Joanna Hayes, 2004 Olympic Gold medalist!

I was also a part of the fall training group run by my coach Joanna Hayes & Coach Quincy Watts that included Michael Norman, Kendal Ellis and Rai Benjamin.

These workouts will be a blend of his own philosophies as well as a large influence from his amazing coaches Coach Hayes and Coach Watts.

Time to hit the ground running and Train with Tay!

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Get the elite training that cost THOUSANDS for most athletes for $49 every 4 weeks!