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Join the Winner's Circle

Coach Taylor here! I am a former professional track and field sprinter who has worked with elite athletes from many sports.

I'm not the guy who will say, "I did this, so it should work for you." I put my years of education to work for me! I have my Masters in Kinesiology with a focus on Strength & Conditiong and Sports Nutrition.

I have trained with and worked with the Olympic gold medalists, MMA World Champions, professional basketball players and weekend warriors who want to optimize their lifestyles.

Optimized results come from experience and the application of research and knowlege.

My "leave no stone unturned" approach to optimization will power you to win.

The Plateaus Stops Here

Get Savagely Strong

- Build muscle and lose fat so that you can FEEL the difference every day

Wake up Full of Energy

- Optimize your routines so that you can feel refreshed and sharp every day.

Progress even with set backs

- Life happens, but that shouldn’t derail all your progress. Training can flex with your schedule so you are always working towards improvements.

The internet is full of guru's and "quick fixes" but let's face it, THERE ARE NONE. The path to success is rooted in the basics of fitness, physiology and psychology. Don't worry about that part though, just stay the course and trust the process to start winning!

The testimonials don't lie!

Engage in the Process

Most coaches tell you what to do, but they leave out the why.

There is TONS of information out there that adds to the confusion. Stop spending hours on research to find out what might the best way.

All these hours of endless internet scrolling could go into the action of making real progress instead.

While you're transforming your life, I will share why we're working on specific tasks. I don't throw you a program that you blindly follow without any accountability.

I will find out what works for YOU and teach you how to implement the strategies in the easiest way possible to optimize your performance and lifestyle.