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Feeling stuck? Difficulty losing weight? Hit a plateau? Need more specific training?

Welcome to CRWN Athletics where Coach Taylor Ros M.S. CSCS applies science backed practices to make your goals a reality. Taylor is a professional 400m sprinter who focuses on Sports Performance & Health coaching when he is not running. He attained his Master's Degree in Kinesiology while working with top coaches and researchers such as Dr. Andy Galpin and Dr. Lee Brown. The internet is full of guru's and "quick fixes" but let's face it, THERE ARE NONE. The path to success is rooted in the basics of fitness and human physiology. Don't worry about that part though, just dig deep stay the course and reach your goals with us.

Taylor has coached multiple high school and collegiate athletes, and now has stepped into the ranks of training professionals in many sports including track, MMA, bodybuilding & more. Not an athlete? That doesn't mean you can't train and look like one! Start today for a better tomorrow.

It's time for you to Optimize, Thrive and Move!

See you soon!