16 Week Power Recomposition
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16 Week Power Recomposition

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This program is designed to increase lean muscle gains and shed away the fat, leaving you with a sculpted well defined physique.

Throughout the program, your coach will be monitoring your progress and give you tips along the way. This is not a stand alone program, you will be in touch with your coach.

This program is NOT for anyone who will skip days, be lazy, or talk the talk but not walk the walk. This program WILL work, but only if YOU DO.

In this 16 week program there are specific guidelines for:

  • Individualized Nutrition & Macro Goals
  • Exercise order
  • Rest periods
  • Periodization (Including a combination of block, step, auto-regulated, and others)
  • Progression schemes
  • Sets, reps & more

You will not feel lost in this program. Exercises have video demonstrations and substitutions can be made by clicking in the Trainerize platform. All your weights and reps will be tracked with the platform to monitor progress.

Throughout the 16 weeks, there are 3 training blocks with 2 deload weeks. As the program progresses, so should you! Exercises, rest, cardio frequency and more are all provided. You will be invited to the CRWN Athletics private FB group to collaborate with your peers and have access to Coach Taylor.

Still not enough? After each workout you will be able to log your rate of exertion and leave any notes for your coach to see. You and your coach will collaborate on nutrition goals to make sure you achieve the best results possible.

This is NOT just a training program, but includes a nutrition component as well. If you eat like 💩 you will look like 💩. PERIOD. You can't out train a bad diet. Sorry! (not really) But you're here because you're ready to invest in your health and future self.

Now let's get it!