28 Day Fatloss Kickstarter
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28 Day Fatloss Kickstarter

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This 4 week kickstarter program will jumpstart your fitness transformation journey.

Each week has a specific focus of a habits to learn and be mindful of.

This is a LEARNING process and not a "see workout, do workout" type of program, however there are workouts included!

You will receive information along the way that you can apply FOREVER.

Health isn't about a one time "gig" (you know... like a wedding or something). It's about creating an overall healthy lifestyle FOREVER. 

The focus areas will include:
- Increasing your MOVEMENT to feel better and more energized
- Eating the right NUTRIENTS with each meal to optimize your physique or weight loss goals
- Ensuring adequate WATER intake to enhance mental clarity
- Practicing GRATITUDE to promote positive outlooks



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