How Motivations Works For Or Against You

Motivation goes a long way, but often times it can be lacking.

Why is that? We are adapted to find the easiest path possible! Even though our bodies are incredible at adapting to anything we throw at it, the body doesn't want to change.

The one thing you can control is what motivates you!

I'm sorry to say that other people cannot motivate you. They may help you find motivation within yourself, but you cannot rely on other people to keep you motivated. Motivations comes with within. Ever notice how some of the greatest fitness influencers can excite people but they never take action. That's because they lack the true MOTIVATION to get going and put themselves in action.

So what is it that motivates you? The results, hitting that weight, getting that compliment, winning that competition, beating the other person, getting that promotion, achieving something you've never done before?

Find it, write it down. Look at it every day you are working to achieve that goal.

That right there should help push you up to keep going!

Every day is not going to be great. There will be shitty days. I guarantee it, we've all been there. It is those days that truly define you. Are you going to let that little ache, or tiredness shut down your whole day that you could work on achieving your goal? NO! Get out there a do it!

If you fail to take action on the days that you don't want to do it, you might fight yourself putting it off day after day. Week after week. Until you are right back where you started in your journey or even further below.

You will feel better after working towards it, there is no doubt about it!

Comment below what your goal is!